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Welcome to Discribeple! (Like disciple but a scribe, get it? Pronounced /dɪˈskɹaɪbpl̩/) Discribeple makes it easy to create, store, and sync your sermon notes with all of your devices. Just click New Note to get started!

Why use Discribeple?

Discribeple makes it easy to safely store your sermon or lecture notes and to view them later. Unlike other note taking programs where you just have a title and body, Discribeple lets you add useful fields like Speaker, Key Text, and Topic Tags. You can then filter and sort by these, allowing you quickly find your past notes on a particular subject or by a particular speaker.

In addition, Discribeple has intelligent verse detection built-in. Just hover over a verse reference, and Discribeple will quickly display the verse's text, with a link to read it in context. If you missed a reference, it also has shortcuts to search the Bible for a particular verse reference based off words in the verse.

Discribeple's storage is safe and secure. Hosting in the cloud provides security against the damage that could befall physical notes or less-robust hosts. Discribeple also uses thorough security practices to keep your notes secure if you want them private, while also allowing you share notes you want shared. And while Discribeple will, Lord willing, last for the forseeable future, it also includes the option to download your notes, even with the capability to import them into other note-taking programs.

Sounds great! How do I start?

Getting started is simple! You can Register simply and easily, or just get starting taking notes. (Note: Guest notes will not have the option of being completely private and may be easily lost if you don't save the URL.)

What's new?

Nothing yet really. We just launched!

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